Fresh Bean Exporter

Fresh Bean Exporter

Fresh Bean Exporter: Phaseoluses are plants from the family of fabaceae and beans are their grains. These plants are annual and a king of twining vine. Having trifoliate and compound leaves, these plants have butterfly-like flowers. Phaseolus Vulgaris has many species. For instance, mung beans are cultivated in Far East found in various colors having small grains. Madagascar beans and Spanish beans are not appreciated. Garden bean is the best known with various species such as string beans, green beans, long beans, sugar beans, large white beans etc. Beans of the phaseolus vulgaris (white beans) are highly nutritious.

Fresh Bean Exporter:Benefits: Tonifying and energizing the body, beans can treat mental and physical fatigue. They support the development and restoration of the body. Beans can not only strengthen the bones, but also decreases the problems of rheumatism and sciatica. Strengthening the kidneys they are effective in treating kidney problems such as kidney stones and gravel. Beans can strengthen nerves and treat tachycardia. They are also good for diabetes decreasing the glucose level in the blood.

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Fresh Bean Exporter - Packaging: Carton box, plastic box, bag with different sizes.

Fresh Bean Exporter - Season: October - April

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