Fresh Cabbage Exporter

Fresh Cabbage Exporter

Fresh Cabbage Exporter : while the homeland of cabbages is not known, their wild species are seen in Southern Europe. Being cultivated in almost every part of Turkey, cabbages are biennial herbaceous plants. A cabbage plant’s parts eaten in the first year are replaced by flowers and seeds in the second year. Cabbages have big, thick and lobed leaves flexible inward with wrinkled and wavy surfaces. The most important species of cabbages is called white cabbage or round-headed cabbage which is also related to our subject. White cabbages can be up to 5-6 kg. Red cabbages (by increasing the antioxidant level in the leaves) and Brussels sprouts (by developing the leaf buds into anthers) are produced artificially using various substances.

Fresh Cabbage Exporter: Benefits: Cabbages increase the resistance of the human body. They strengthen the immune system. They also have disinfectant effect. Cabbages are great protectors against cancer, particularly breast cancer, uterine cancer and intestinal cancer. Patients of anemia and asthma are recommended to consume cabbages. Cabbages can stop cough decreasing sputum. Increasing virility, cabbages have aphrodisiac effects. They also have appetitive effect. Not only are cabbages diuretic, but also they can treat constipation. These vegetables decrease the complaints of rheumatism and sciatica. Having protective effects particularly against gastric ulcer and intestinal ulcer, uncooked cabbage and cabbage juice help treating ulcer. Cabbages can decrease the glucose level in the blood. Moreover, they can treat hoarseness and the cracks on nipples. Cabbages are good for jaundice and gallbladder diseases.

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Fresh Cabbage Exporter - Packaging: Carton box, plastic box, bag with different sizes.

Fresh Cabbage Exporter - Season: November - February

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