Fresh Carrot Exporter

Fresh Carrot Exporter

Fresh Carrot Exporter: Carrots are cultivated biennial plants of the roots of which are edible. Their homeland is Central Europe. The wild species of carrots are found in Europe, Northern Africa and Asia. Even though wild carrots can be seen in our country their characteristics are not the same as those of cultivated carrots. The plant of carrot is 1-1,5 cm long, having a few branches and component leaves. Blossoming in summers, the whitish flowers of carrots are gathered creating an umbrella-like shape. In appropriate soil, the main roots of carrots may go deep down up to one meter. The outer part of the carrot is in light yellow-orange color. This part is the peel. For having various species, the root fruit is found in different shapes and sizes. While the dark yellowish-orange inner part corresponds to xylem, this part is composed of parenchymatic cells.

Fresh Carrot Exporter:Benefits: Activating the intestines, carrots help digestion. Being diuretics, they can also treat constipation and end diarrhea. Carrots treat enteritis and ease nephrelgia. They help to expel intestinal words. Carrots strengthen the body, the heart and the eyes. They are aphrodisiac. Carrots are not only good for fatigue and anemia, but also protective against respiratory tract diseases such as bronchitis, cough and cancer. Decreasing the cholesterol level in the blood, carrots are good for cardiac diseases and arteriosclerosis. They diminish the risks of heart attack and paralysis. Carrots can clean the blood helping the body to throw harmful substances out of the system. These fruits can also tonify the skin by refreshing it. Furthermore, carrots are good for rheumatism and gout. They also strengthen the gingiva.

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