Fresh Cucumber Exporter

Fresh Cucumber Exporter

Fresh Cucumber Exporter: as a member of Cucurbitaceae Family cucumbers are cultivated vegetables with clutching character. Cucumbers are annual plants. Being plants of humid soil, the roots of cucumbers are close to the surface growing deep into 20-25 cm. as they are cultivated by being hung in greenhouses, pruning is conducted in order to provide better light exposure. Therefore, cucumber plants which are cultivated by being hung grow up to 2 meters. Cucumbers which can be used in many different ways for the table play a highly significant role in human diet thanks to the vitamins and other nutrients they contain.

Fresh Cucumber Exporter:Benefits: Cucumbers are diuretic and can clean the blood. Smoothing the intestines they can treat constipation. Cucumbers are good for hemorrhoid. Not only can they stop thirst, but cucumbers can also ease the nerves. Treating the fatigue, these vegetables can ease the pain of rheumatism. Cucumbers are also good for insomnia. Decreasing the level of cholesterol, cucumbers protect the body against cardiac and vascular diseases. They also promote the resistance of the body against infections. Moreover, cucumbers are good for kidney diseases, enteritis and gout. Cucumbers also help sweat glands to function in a healthy way.

Fresh Cucumber Exporter - Shipping: Road, Sea, Air

Fresh Cucumber Exporter - Packaging: Carton box, plastic box, bag with different sizes.

Fresh Cucumber Exporter - Season:
Short Cucumbers: January - December
Long Cucumbers: January - December

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