Fresh Kiwi Exporter

Fresh Kiwi Exporter

Fresh Kiwi Exporter: Kiwi fruits are an oval fruit about the size of a large hen's egg. The kiwi fruit has a fibrous brown skin however inside is a bright green with rows of tiny edible black seeds. The fruit has a soft texture and is sweet and has a very unique flavor. They are also known as Chinese Gooseberries.

Fresh Kiwi Exporter: Benefits: Rich in fiber, kiwis can simplify the digestive process and prevent constipation by activating the intestine. Kiwis strengthen both the body and the immune system. They are good for illnesses such as flu and common cold.

Fresh Kiwi Exporter - Shipping: Road, Sea, Air

Fresh Kiwi Exporter - Packaging: Carton box, plastic box, bag with different sizes.

Fresh Kiwi Exporter - Season: November - May

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