Fresh Leek Exporter

Fresh Leek Exporter

Fresh Leek Exporter: having their roots and stems under the soil, leeks are vegetables of winter and resemble garlic. While the long and straight leaves of leeks grow above the soil, the flowers of leeks grow on the top of the petioles. The edible part of a leek is its pipe-shaped leaves and stem. A few species of leeks are known and consumed being named according to their region. For instance, the best type of leek, kamış (meaning bamboo) leeks, which are long with white leaves, goes by the name of Kartal leeks in Istanbul. Black leeks which are cultivated largely in every region are shorter with greener leaves.

Fresh Leek Exporter:Benefits: leeks strengthen the body. Helping the blood production, they are good for anemia. Leeks are highly beneficial for digestive system simplifying the digestion. Leeks can activate kidneys, intestines and the stomach. They help passing the kidney gravels and stones. Moreover, leeks can clean the blood and the body. Leeks are good for asthma, rheumatism, eczema and arteriosclerosis. Not only are leeks diuretic, but they also smooth the intestine and treat constipation. Leeks are particularly beneficial for the complaints of hemorrhoid. They can increase the breast milk. Leeks have also protective effects against cancer. Containing abundantly vitamins C, K and B, potassium, calcium, silicium, manganese, sulphur, copper, iodine and iron, leeks are high in nutritional value.

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