Fresh Lettuce Exporter

Fresh Lettuce Exporter

Fresh Lettuce Exporter: Growing up to 30-100 cm, lettuces are biennial herbaceous non-pilose plants having white milk and yellow flowers. Cultivated forms and various species of lettuces have been produced for a long time. They are also known as farm lettuces. Lettuces are annual or six-month vegetables of mild climate with broad leaves. While the leaves of lettuces are generally consumed as salads without being cooked, the leaves and roots of lettuces are consumed after being cooked in some countries such as China. As lettuces contain a milky juice, their name derives from the Latin word lactis (milk). They have many species. Containing vitamin A and C, lettuces and salads are annual plants of cool climate. Their growth period generally lasts for 2 or 3 months. With different species of lettuces being adapted to different seasons in open or closed environments, lettuces can be cultivated during 12 months of a year in a row. Cultivation and consumption of oily headed lettuces and curly headed lettuces in Turkey have added new species recently.

Fresh Lettuce Exporter:Benefits: Lettuces can ease the nerves decreasing the tension. With its tranquilizing effect, lettuces are good for those who have insomnia. They can also stabilize menstruation and decrease the pain of menstruation. Lettuces have appetitive effect and simplify digestion. Not only are lettuces diuretic, but they can also treat constipation. Moreover, lettuces can help the body to throw the harmful substances out of the system. They also have therapeutic effects against spleen and liver failures and jaundice. Lettuces decrease the complaints of hemorrhoids. Smoothing the chest, they are good in ending cough. Lettuces have expectorant effect. Not only can lettuces decrease the excessive virility, but they can also increase the breast milk. Furthermore, lettuces are good for osteolysis and rheumatism. Decreasing the glucose level in the blood, lettuces are good for diabetics. As for the children in the growth era, lettuces can promote the development. Lettuces can both fasten the healing process of the patients and tonify the skin.

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