Fresh Loquat Exporter

Fresh Loquat Exporter

Fresh Loquat Exporter: Loquats are cultivated on a wide scale particularly in subtropical regions. They are an evergreen tree which can grow until 10 meters. The best soil for loquats to grow is sandy or loamy. Loquats are mostly cultivated via budding and sometimes from seeding. Loquat fruits grow in clusters and are oval with a smooth and yellow downy skin. The succulent, tangy flesh is white or yellow and sweet. The taste is a mix of peach, mango and citrus.

Fresh Loquat Exporter: Benefits: Loquats protect eye and skin health. Forming a great source of dietary fibers and pectin. Loquats are good for the digestive system. Furthermore, loquats are considerably rich in malic acid and B-group vitamins.

Fresh Loquat Exporter - Shipping: Road, Sea, Air

Fresh Loquat Exporter - Packaging: Carton box, plastic box, bag with different sizes.

Fresh Loquat Exporter - Season: May - September

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