Fresh Marrow Exporter

Fresh Marrow Exporter

Fresh Marrow Exporter: Marrows are herbaceous plants used as vegetables coming from curcurbitaceae family. Having hairy roots, their stem is creeping, cornered, thin and very long. The surface of a cucurbit plant is pilose. Having big, rough and pilose leaves, the flowers of cucurbit are yellow. The fruits of cucurbit are fleshy and juicy. Inside of the cucurbit there are plenty of seeds called semen curcurbitae.

Fresh Marrow Exporter: Benefits: Marrows are diuretic treating urination problems. Cleaning the inflammation in the kidneys and bladder, marrows can solve problems stemming from prostate. Not only can they smooth the stomach and the intestines, but marrows also treat constipation. They are good for those who have hemorrhoid. Moreover, cucurbits can decrease hypertension. Smoothing the chest, they can stop the cough. The seeds of cucurbit maxima are helpful in expelling worms. If cucurbit porridges are applied, they are good for throat aches and flixes in women. They can also decrease the level of glucose in the blood and have hematinic effects. Easing the nerves they can awaken the mind. Furthermore, cucurbits can increase fertility and virility.

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Fresh Marrow Exporter - Season: July - August

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