Fresh Melon Exporter

Fresh Melon Exporter

Fresh Melon Exporter: Melons grow in warm and mild climates. Melon provides us a superb provide of distilled water contains the best mineral components doable. Melon, with their root system, devour water from deep, in-ground reserves, and produce it to our tables during a delicious fruit substance.

Fresh Melon Exporter: Melon rejuvenationing and alkalinizing the body. Melons are glorious for aiding elimination.

Fresh Melon Exporter - Shipping: Road, Sea, Air

Fresh Melon Exporter - Packaging: Carton box, plastic box, bag with different sizes.

Fresh Melon Exporter - Season: May - September

Fresh Melon Exporter - Enquiry: Send an Email to Enquiry Turkish Fruits & Vegetables Supply.