Fresh Okra Exporter

Fresh Okra Exporter

Fresh Okra Exporter: Like the leaves of a platanus, leaves of okra are lobed and pilose while its flowers are in dirty yellow color with a red color part. Having five corners and shaped as a pointed capsule, yellowish-green fruits of okras have a viscous and concentrated secretion. Having many tiny little, round seeds inside, these pilose fruits are picked before becoming rigid; therefore sapling okras consumed as vegetables are only 3-5 cm long. However, if the fruits are left on their branches until the seeds ripen, they can reach up to 30 cm and when they become dry; they dehisce by themselves and scatter around the seeds which they have inside. Yet, the fruits of some dwarf species growing in turkey can never grow that much. If sapling okras are collected regularly, the plants will continue to bear fruits until the frosts begin.

Fresh Okra Exporter:Benefits: Okras help digestive system enabling the intestines to function regularly. Being nutrition with a high level of fiber, okra is diuretic and beneficial in treating constipation. Being rich in minerals, oaks are good for the fatigue.

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Fresh Okra Exporter - Season:July - August

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