Fresh Onion Exporter

Fresh Onion Exporter

Fresh Onion Exporter: Having greenish or pinkish flowers which blossom between June and August, onion plants can grow between 30 and 100 cm. they are perennial and herbaceous plants with bulbs. Onions have pipe-shaped, empty leaves in bluish or green colors. Their flowers are gathered on the spherical heads forming an umbrella-like shape. The seeds of onions are black, cornered and small. Onions are one of those cultivated plants which have been known for a long time. Historical documents suggest that onions have been cultivated and used since the time of Sumerians. Having a different shape and covered with membrane-like peel, onions have a bitter taste and a special odor. According to the crops, the shapes and sizes of onions may vary. Onions are mostly cultivated in Karacabey and its vicinity in Turkey.

Fresh Onion Exporter:Benefits: onions can increase the resistance of the body strengthening it. They can treat mental and physical fatigue. Not only do onions decrease hypertension, but they are also beneficial against common cold, flu, asthma and bronchitis. Unblocking the air passage, onions can stop cough. They also prevent embolism. Onions are protective against cardiac and vascular diseases and cancer. Balancing the level of glucose in the blood, onions are good for diabetics. Moreover onions ease the kidney pain. They can both help passing the kidney stones and gravel, and prevent their re-emergence. Having disinfectant effect, onions wipe the harmful substances away from the body. They also help scars to heal up faster. Furthermore, onions are good for skin diseases such as eczema and whitlow. Onions regulate the function of the livers. They can both simplify the digestion and clean the blood. Easing the nerves, onions are good for anxiety and depression. They are good for those who have insomnia. Not only can they strengthen the memory, but onions can also increase virility. Moreover they are effective against osteolysis.

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Fresh Onion Exporter - Season: January - December

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