Fresh Parsley Exporter

Fresh Parsley Exporter

Fresh Parsley Exporter: Having white flowers which blossom between August and September, parsleys are biennial and herbaceous plants of 30-100 cm height with taproots. While rosette leaves appear in the first year, a stem grows in the second year. Parsleys are plants of humid and well-watered soil. While their stems are non-pilose, upright, hollow having corners and many branches, their dark green leaves are component having petioles. Parsleys’ flowers are gathered forming the shape of an umbrella. Their leaves are yellowish, non-pilose, dark colored and in the shape of a pear with a special odor. Coming from the apiaceae family, parsleys have small and dark colored seeds. Their fruits have a volatile oil and a type of glycoside named apiin. In the roots of parsleys, there are some volatile oil, mucilage and apiin. Furthermore, parsleys’ leaves, fruits and roots can be used. Moreover, the juice of parsleys is known to be highly effective in treating oedema.

Fresh Parsley Exporter:Benefits: Parsleys can activate the intestines and simplify digestion. Being diuretic and sudorific, parsleys can clean both the body and the blood. They can prevent constipation extracting the stomach and intestinal gas. Parsleys help the body to pass kidney stones and intestinal taeniae. They not only are appetitive but also can decrease the fever. Moreover, parsleys increase virility. They can also strengthen the body, the eyes and the gingiva. Parsleys are good for those who have anemia. Treating the fatigue, parleys can decrease the hypertension. They have protective effects against cardiac and vascular diseases and cancer. Parsleys which are good for liver diseases, rheumatism, cellulites and eczema contribute the regular status and stabilization of menstruation. Renewing the skin, parsleys can increase the skin blemishes. Furthermore, parsleys can renew and refresh the hair.

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