Fresh Spinach Exporter

Fresh Spinach Exporter

Fresh Spinach Exporter: Spinaches’ are the plants cultivated as autumn and winter vegetable coming from the amaranth family of dioic plants. The homeland of spinaches which was brought to Europe in 15th century is Anatolia. Spaniac plants are biennial and dioic. Shaped like bunch, their flowers don’t have corolla. Spaniacs are valued nutritions having protein, vitamin A and C, iron and iodine. In the past, a green dye used to be extracted from the leaves of spinach for coloring colognes and liquors.

Fresh Spinach Exporter: Benefits: spinaches can increase the resistance of the body and strengthen the person. They cure fatigue and learning disability related to senility. Not only are spinaches good for anemia, they have therapeutic effects on cancer, cardiac and vascular diseases, common cold and the diseases related to mouth, throat and chest. These vegetables are good for high blood pressure, paralysis and particularly for visual impairments related to senility. During the pregnancy period, spinaches strengthen both the mother and the child. Spaniacs can tranquilize the person by easing nerves. Simplifying digestion, spinaches are diuretics. They are also good for hemorrhoid. Fastening the healing of scars and ambustion. Strengthening the bones and teeth, spinach can prevent tooth decay. Furthermore, being able to decrease the level of cholesterol, spinaches are beneficial for diabetics.

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Fresh Spinach Exporter - Season: May - September

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