Fresh Tomato Exporter

Fresh Tomato Exporter

Fresh Tomato Exporter: Turkey is the third ranking country in tomato cultivation. The plant where tomatoes grow is 1-3 meters long and has a slightly woody stem. Its leaves are in 10-25 cm long with 5-9 leaflets on them. These leaves are pilose. Being 1-2 cm long and found generally in yellow color, tomato flowers are in numbers ranging from 3 to 12 on one single scapus. Its red and generally edible fruits are 1-2 diameters while the fruits of the wild species are bigger. Tomato fruits contain most of the vitamins. They have a protective effect against cancer. Minerals that these fruits contain are found in the peels. Peel-vitamin, seeds-reproduction.

Fresh Tomato Exporter: Benefits: When tomatoes which are particularly rich in fibers are consumed with their peels, they help digestion. Helping the stomach and intestines to function regularly, tomatoes treat and eliminate constipation. They serve as powerful diuretics and enable the harmful substances to be thrown out of the body. Tomatoes not only help to pass kidney stones, but also clean the blood. They are highly effective in protection against cancer, particularly against prostate cancer. Having protective effect against cardiac diseases, tomatoes are good for arteriosclerosis and rheumatism. Tomatoes are anti-aging vegetables refreshing the skin.

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Fresh Tomato Exporter - Season: May - September

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